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The proposed geological epoch Antropocene is when humans have made a significant impact on Earth and its inhabitants that will have a lasting and irreversible impact on its systems, environment, processes and biodiversity.  


Mass consumption has exhausted Earth from its resources.

The roof of Notre Dame is unable to be rebuilt because trees in France aren't old and tall enough. It will take hundreds of years to grow a tree of the size required. 


The book 'The End of Man: A Feminist Counterapocalypse'

(Joanna Zylinska, 2018), rethinks the prophecy of the end of humans. It challenges the masculinist and technicist solutions for our planetary crisis.


If uncontrolled linear progress is no longer an option, what kinds of coexistences and collaborations do we create in its aftermath? How can we build a sustainable future by nurturing our surroundings and non-human creatures?


My objective is to only build things that we can give back to the earth, like a sandcastle that can crumble into the ground again. Re-imagining the classic plastic lawn chair to one that everyone can create and destroy again.

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Photography: Sebastiaan Boot

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